Honorary Members

Honorary membership may be awarded to urologists and others who have had an important influence on European urology. Their election will be recommended by the Executive Committee and must be approved by the General Assembly.

V. Zvara, Bratislava, Slovakia
E.J. Zingg, Bern, Switzerland
J.E.A. Wickham, Surrey, United Kingdom
S. Wesolowski, Warszawa, Poland
A.F. Vozianov, Kiev, Ukraine
H. Villavicencio, Barcelona, Spain
R. Vela Navarrete, Madrid, Spain
R.T. Turner Warwick, Exeter, United Kingdom
H-G. Tiselius, Stockholm, Sweden
S. Tellaloglu, Gayrettepe, Turkey
P. Teillac, Toulouse, France
E. Tanagho, San Francisco, United States of America
U.E. Studer, Berne, Switzerland
A. Steg, Paris, France
P.H. Smith, Leeds, United Kingdom
J.C. Smith, Yarnton Oxford, United Kingdom
F.H. Schröder, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
P.F. Schellhammer, Norfolk, United States of America
I. Romics, Budapest, Hungary
M. Pavone Macaluso, Palermo, Italy
T. Patrashkov, Sofia, Bulgaria
F. Pagano, Padua, Italy
Y.Q. Na, Beijing, China
A. Mendoza-Valdes, Mexico City, Mexico
M. Mebel, Berlin, Germany
J. Mattelaer, Kortrijk, Belgium
H. Marberger, Innsbruck, Austria
W. Månsson, Lund, Sweden
L. Managadze, Tbilisi, Georgia
H.G. Madersbacher, Innsbruck, Austria
N.A. Lopatkin, Moscow, Russia
B. Lobel, Paris, France
A. Le Duc, Paris, France
Z. Kirkali, Bethesda, United States of America
S. Khoury, Paris, France
U. Jonas, Hanover, Germany
E.A. Hradec, Prague, Czech Republic
L.M. Gorilovsky, Moscow, Russia
M.A. Ghoneim, Mansoura, Egypt
D.H. Frohneberg, Karlsruhe, Germany
H. Frohmüller, Würzburg, Germany
D. Frang, Erd, Hungary
J. Dvorácek, Prague, Czech Republic
C. Dimopoulos, Kifisia-Athens, Greece
L. Denis, Antwerp, Belgium
F.M.J. Debruyne, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
G. Carmignani, Pieve Ligure, Italy
M. Camey, Neuilly S/Seine, France
J. Breza Sr., Bratislava, Slovakia
G. Breda, Padua, Italy
A.P. Borkowski, Warsaw, Poland
A.V. Bono, Buguggiate, Italy
L. Boccon-Gibod, Paris, France
J.P. Blandy, London, United Kingdom
G. Bartsch, Innsbruck, Austria
F. Balogh, Budapest, Hungary
N. Atanassov, Sofia, Bulgaria
K-E. Andersson, Lund, Sweden
L. Andersson, Stockholm, Sweden
P. Alken, Mannheim, Germany
O. Alfthan, Helsinki, Finland
R. Ackermann, Düsseldorf, Germany