Presented Difficult Cases

19th International EAUN Meeting, Copenhagen, 2018

  • DC18-01 M. Dragova, London (GB)
    An unexpected finding in a patient with long term suprapubic catheter
  • DC18-02 R. Pieters, Ghent (BE)
    Urethral irrigation, is it possible?
  • DC18-03 S. Quallich, Ann Arbor (US)
    Chronic unexplained penile pain
  • DC18-04 M. Bowker, New York (US)
    Nursing beyond tasks, interventions not easily captured or documented
  • DC18-05 K. Chatterton, London (GB)
    Nurse-led flexible cystoscopy challenges – positive urine cytology, no evidence of disease

18th International EAUN Meeting, London, 2017

  • DC17-01 C. Hübsch-Aepli, Zürich (CH)
    Deviating from the standard – Stoma care of a patient with trisomy and autistic tendencies\
  • DC17-02 T. Alonso Torres, Barcelona (ES)
    Robotic surgery in kidney transplantation: Nursing role in the first European case
  • DC17-03 S. Bowen, Dublin (IE)
    Post-operative complications post Radical Robotic Prostatectomy
  • DC17-04 M. O’Brien, Dublin (IE)
    Treating ‘complications’ post Radical Robotic Prostatectomy

17th International EAUN Meeting, Munich, 2016

  • DC16-01 A. Abramov, Petah Tikva (IL)
    Metal pressure ulcer caused by indwelling urethral catheter
  • DC16-02 O. Crean, Dublin (IE)
    Engaging a fourteen year old boy with a neurogenic bladder, who has refused all services
  • DC16-03 T. Alonso Torres, Barcelona (ES)
    Handling a case of encrustation uropathy. Management of nursing care
  • DC16-04 E. Robinson, Manchester (GB)
    Autonomic dysreflexia: Medical emergency, our experience in urology
  • DC16-05 M. Steitiyeh, Århus (DK)
    Complication to cystectomy

16th International EAUN Meeting, Madrid, 2015

15th International EAUN Meeting, Stockholm, 2014

14th International EAUN Meeting, Milan 2013

13th International EAUN Meeting, Paris 2012

12th International EAUN Meeting, Vienna 2011

  • DC11-01   N. Love-Retinger, H. Beninati, U. Aleya, T. Liucci, L. Solomon, J. Coleman, New York, NY (US)
    Fournier’s gangrene

11th International EAUN Meeting, Barcelona 2010

10th International EAUN Meeting in Stockholm, 2009