EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS)

As the most recent addition to the EAU’s sections, the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) represents the latest field in urological surgery, robotics. Through regular meetings, masterclasses and academic cooperation, we aim to bring together opinion leaders in the field of urologic surgery, with a focus on robot-assisted surgery.

In 2004, 20 physicians convened in France to discuss the newly emerging field of robot-assisted urology. ERUS has since become a scientific platform for urologists interested in the cutting edge of robotic surgery development. Recent annual meetings have attracted over 700 participants. In 2011, ERUS joined the EAU as a section.

What do we do?

ERUS organises regular scientific meetings to promote discussion and give demonstrations through live surgery sessions. These are annual section meetings, as well as EBU-accredited masterclasses that offer training at various levels. We gather, exchange and spread scientific information, and are developing standards for robotic surgery training.

Who is this section for?

This section is for urologists who are specialising in robotic surgery, on all levels. With our Junior ERUS session, participants under the age of 40 can familiarise themselves with the basics of robotic surgery before learning the complexities of the ever-changing subject.

ERUS Masterclass

ERUS regularly collaborates with the European School of Urology to offer 1 or 2-day intensive classes on one specific topic of robotic urology, such as prostatectomy, cystectomy or surgery on the upper urinary tract. These masterclasses are accredited by the European Board of Urology through the EU-ACME programme, and feature international expert speakers and live surgery sessions.

Why participate?

ERUS is the only section that is specifically focussed on robotic surgery, so our meetings are an essential event for urologists looking to specialise in these procedures. As a relatively new field, developments are on-going, making for dynamic discussions.

How to participate?

We invite you to take part in our annual meeting, or masterclasses. If you can raise sufficient interest, you can contact us to help organise an ERUS masterclass in your country.