Incontinence complicates Pelvic OP repair

Is urogynaecology a new star in medicine? It may seem so considering that in recent months the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine has published two articles on the subject: Nager and colleagues’ (Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network) “A Randomized Trial of Urodynamic Testing before Stress-Incontinence Surgery” which appeared on May 7, and Wei et al’s (Pelvic Floor Disorders Network)“A Midurethral Sling to Reduce Incontinence after Vaginal Prolapse Repair” published on June 20.

Today, one of the hot topics in urogynaecology is urinary incontinence (UI) after pelvic organ prolapse (POP) repair. It is beset by many open controversies due to lack of 1) diagnostic tools to evaluate UI in patients with POP before surgery, and 2) data on urinary incontinence after POP repair because many studies reported objective data on POP resolution and little or nothing on functional results.

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