Innovations and Classics in Endourology – Mannheim, Germany

EULIS supported the last ESUT-Winter Forum which took place on Thursday 06th and Friday 07th December 2012 in the Mannheim Rosengarten Convention Center was dedicated in priority “Innovations and Classics in Endourology”. The meeting confirmed its outstanding place in live surgery in a wonderful advent ambience in Mannheim. Video live-transmission from the Department of Urology at Mannheim University Hospital in any endourological issue gave a wide range to actual and innovative treatment methods. Demonstrations of new technology in urology, such as an interventional Uro-CT guided percutaneous access (Maurice Stephan Michel) and an iPAD-assisted puncuture in the prone position for mini-PCNL (Jens Rassweiler, Thomas Knoll) gave an insight in latest developments in this field of scientific interest. Furthermore video-based demonstrations such as Water-Jet TUR-B (Udo Nagele), Urolift (Karl-Dietrich Sievert) and finally a LESS-Nephrectomy (Evangelos Liatsikos, Alberto Breda) as well as a robotic-assisted LESS-Pyeloplastic (Andrea Cestari) rounded up a high ambitious program.

The Peter-Alken-Masterclass Lectures in PCNL (Jean de la Rosette, Amsterdam), the Enrique-Pérez-Castro/AUA-Lecture in advances in RIRS for stone disease (Gerhard Fuchs, Los Angeles), the Wolfgang-Mauermayer-Masterclass Lecture in TUR (Andreas Skolarikos, Athens) and last but not least the Christian-Chaussy Masterclass Lecture in shock wave therapy given by Hans-Göran Tiselius were inspired highlights at the Meeting.

To end the evening “Urology on Ice” presented very sportive urologists by Ice skating and Curling at the Mannheim Christmas Market with mulled wine. We delivered the evidence, that daily swing with the endoscope is a good practice to improve Curling.

After two intensive days in experts exchange we went home, satisfied and tired but for certain there is no better profession than urologist.

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