EAUN guidelines on catheterisation examined in well-attended workshop in Dubai

EAUN guidelines on catheterisation examined in well-attended workshop in Dubai

The Emirates International Urological Conference (EUSC) took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 5 to 7 November 2015. The EAUN had been invited by Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, Acting President of the Emirates Urological Society (EUS) and President of EUSC2015, to give a full-day hands-on workshop on intermittent and indwelling catheterisation, based on the EAUN guidelines.

On November 6, Susanne Vahr (chair of the guidelines group), Veronika Geng (former chair of the guidelines group) and the author held a very successful workshop in Dubai, attended by approximately 60 nurses. Forty-eight had originally enroled, but on the day of the workshop 12 more asked to participate and were admitted to the workshop.

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri opened the workshop and Fouad Hussein Chehab, director of Nursing at Dubai Hospital gave the first lecture. He is an expert in the Joint Commission International Accreditation and made an excellent introduction to ensuring quality and safety in urinary catheterisation. The workshop examined the use of guidelines in everyday nursing practice such as evidence-based indications and contraindications for catheterisation, how to choose the appropriate catheter and technique, frequent and rare complications, and troubleshooting.

The delegates actively discussed their habits and procedures with the panel, using both clinical expertise and scientific evidence, through wellfocused questions on specific conditions and rare cases, as well as the “tips and tricks” for this frequently overlooked procedure. The guidelines and the most up-to-date literature provided solid foundations for evidence-based practice.

In the afternoon, four stations with models for catheterisation were prepared, and the participants performed the procedure on realistic male and female mannequins, with different types of indwelling and intermittent catheters, under the guidance of the teachers.

The level of knowledge and practical ability reached by the participants was assessed through a written test and observation during the practical session. At the end of the day, the delegate who scored the highest marks was awarded with an iPad donated by one of the sponsors.

The EAUN representatives were formally acknowledged during the opening ceremony of the congress, in the presence of members of the Dubai Government, as well as individual acknowledgements by Dr. Bagheri. This exciting experience has been very important and significant to the EAUN, and we hope to continue the collaboration with the Emirates Urological Society in the future. It will be our pleasure to welcome the participants of the workshop in Dubai in Munich 2016 See you in Germany!

Note: The hands-on training was supported with equipment from Coloplast, Wellspect HealthCare and Dubai Hospital. Wellspect HealthCare DENTSPLY IH sponsored the iPad that was awarded to the nurse who scored highest in the test.

By Stefano Terzoni, Rn, EAUN Chair Elect, Chair EAUN Scientific Committee, Milan (IT)

European Urology Today Vol. 27 No. 5 October/December 2015