EAUN shares ERAS expertise after radical cystectomy in Abu Dhabi

As part of the European Association of Urology Nurses’ (EAUN) goal to share expertise and boost knowledge exchange, a day-long workshop on Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERAS) following radical cystectomy will be held on November 10 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERAS) After Radical Cystectomy Workshop will take place during the four day 6th Emirates International Urological Conference which gathers opinion leaders, experts, specialists and related healthcare professionals in the UAE to discuss key issues, research developments and best practices in urology.

“The workshop aims to provide the participants not only with the main rationale of ERAS but also the core principles for activating the patient. We will also present the EAUN recommendations for urostomy and neobladder management. Moreover, there will be a discussion regarding surgical wound care and the nursing interventions to identify practical insights,” said EAUN Chair Elect Susanne Vahr (DK). Vahr, together with EAUN Scientific Committee member Bente Thoft Jensen (DK) and former EAUN Board member Willem De Blok (NL) will serve as resource speakers and workshop facilitators.

During the first segment, the programme will cover key and practical issues such as ERAS principles, pre-operative nursing interventions (education of the patient, nutritional status, smoking cessation and physical exercise), and post-operative nursing interventions (wound care and care of stents, drainage tubes and the indwelling catheter).

With De Blok as lead presenter, two practical sessions will instruct participants on how to teach urostomy patients to regain independence, and another on the proper use of neo-bladder intermittent catheterisation. Thoft Jensen and Vahr will serve as co-facilitators. “These two sessions are important for participants to gain practical insights, identify potential problems and improve their communication skills with regards guiding and informing cystectomy patients. In our experience urology nurses have a need to learn these basic skills and make them part of their nursing care,” the organisers said.

The afternoon programme will begin with Thoft Jensen presenting the session on “How to activate the patient to meet discharge criteria regarding nutrition and physical exercise.” Practical recommendations based on best practices will inform participants of helpful tips which contribute to a more optimal nursing approach. After the lectures and practical sessions, participants will be tested by doing a group work based on a patient case. The test work will not only function as a selfassessment of what participants have actually picked up but also identify potential problem areas in clinical routine. Reduced workshop fee rates are available to participants who are also attending the main Emirates International Urological Conference.

Full details and registration: www.eusc2017.com/workshops