EAUN supports Ukraine and its nurses and HCPs

The European Association of Urology Nurses, as a European professional nurses association with members from across the world is saddened and greatly concerned by the events in Ukraine and we extend our deepest sympathies to all the people in the region including nurses and other medical professionals who are trying to provide care in impossible circumstances.

We are absolutely against the use of violence in Ukraine. We oppose war as a means of settling disputes of any kind and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution. We support Ukrainian nurses and all of our members who reject the violence being inflicted on Ukraine.

We echo the International Council of Nurses, stating that any targeting of nurses and health facilities goes against the protection of health workers enshrined in international regulations and the Geneva Convention and is an affront against humanity. When we protect the work and impartiality of nurses and all healthcare workers we maintain our humanity which continues to shine in the nursing community across the world today.

We hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the current conflict. In the meantime we ask for access to healthcare and humanitarian aid to be respected. We urge our members to support international efforts to provide care or otherwise support the people of Ukraine.

On behalf of the EAUN Board and all of our members

Paula Allchorne
EAUN Chair