EAUN18: Prime platform for urology nursing research

As author Ralph Marston once said, “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” It is crucial that nurses share what they know and have the platform to do so. “Nurses are always interested in finding ways to provide optimum care for their patients. The sooner they present their research to a wider audience, the more they help raise the level of patient care,” said Ms. Franziska Geese (MScN, RN) of the University Hospital of Bern.

Ideal platform

Geese said, “The programme of the upcoming 19th International Meeting of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN18) is designed to upskill nurses by offering them the opportunity to present their research, and by providing them the latest trends and technologies in urology nursing.”

There are four ways nurses can present their research at EAUN18; via the Poster Presentations, Nursing Research Project Competition, Video Presentations by Nurses, and “Difficult Case” Session.

Nursing Research Project Competition

Do you have ideas on improving urological care, or solutions for issues encountered in daily clinical practice? Submit your research project plan and win €2,500!

Poster Presentations

Submit your abstract on urology nursing, continence nursing or any related field that has relevant applications for clinical practice. Be one of those to bring home the third, second or first prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation!

Video Presentations by Nurses

Do you prefer expressing your ideas in a visual way? Create a video presentation (plus an abstract) and if selected, your video will be presented to an international audience at EAUN18 and your registration fee will be waived!

“Difficult Case” Session

Ever encountered a challenging case? Or puzzled by an unusual one? Share them! The cases do not have to be solved as these will be discussed during EAUN18 to generate fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. If your case is selected, you and 4 other winners will be given free registration to EAU18!

Top 5 tips for joining these competitions

Tip #1 Take a chance

“Already decided to submit your work? Congratulations! Getting over this first step takes courage. Feelings of insecurity often hinder nurses from sharing their work, but to begin despite those feelings is one huge step forward. Go for it!”

Tip #2 Read EAUN’s guide “How to write an abstract

“Let this help you with the outline of your research. It gives you accurate and practical advice on how to write your abstract.”

Tip #3 Ask for help when needed

“If you have colleagues who have written abstracts before, feel free to ask them. In addition, the EAUN has research mentors who can help you if you have questions with regard to developing your research project plan.

Tip #4 Take part in the presentation skill lab

“If your work is accepted, take part in the presentation skill lab in Copenhagen to practise your presentation skills. A coach will guide you through your presentation. Everyone whom I spoke with and used this service swears by it!

Tip #5 If your abstract is not accepted, keep going

“Keep submitting because it raises your chances of being approved. Attend the meeting to enhance what you know and to expand your network.”

An example to inspire you

One of the most popular submissions during the post-EAUN Meeting in Aarhus, Denmark this year was the poster presentation “Can self-installation improve QoL in patients with painful bladder syndrome?” by Continence Advisor Ms. Annette Hjuler of the Regionshospitalet Randers. This poster was an excellent example of how nurses can collect daily sample data and transform it into research.

Gather your data and document it well. You have the capability, the experience and the knowledge to do so. Submitting your research can help gain new evidence to improve patient care and can inspire others to expand the research as well.

So hesitate no longer, and prepare an abstract, video, research plan or case to present at EAUN18 in Copenhagen!

Submission deadline: 1 December 2017

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