6th Congress of the Association of Medical Nurses-Technicians of Serbia “History of Nursing of Republic of Serbia”

Welcome to the 6th International Nursing Congress dedicated to the History of Nursing in Serbia. Our motto is the same: colors of recollection, the scent of memories and spirit of development…It follows us all these years and marks all former congresses. So shall it be in the future, a witness of our roots, the present time and the future. As somebody said: “nurses are the largest positive power of society. Nurses are the most numerous and the most important link in our health system and their status has to improve continually. A profession characterized by true humanity in the service of human health.” As part of a team or independently we perform the most subtle nursing and patient care tasks. We are their reliable support at every opportunity, which is in the nature of our vocation and our name.

The Congress gives us an opportunity to return to the past, to learn about and from it, to spread the knowledge about roots and pioneering steps, tribulations, failures, and developments of our profession. So we do since our first congress in 2004, when we began to look at the history of our profession and tried to answer the question: when did organized forms of health care begin and who dealt with it in the past? This year, from our dear international guests we will learn about the development of nursing in Poland, England, Slovenia, Italy, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Republika Srpska. Over the past years, we succeeded to inspire nurses, and give hope that things will slowly but surely change for the better.


We address our invitation and welcome to everyone who wishes to enrich their knowledge, to make new acquaintances and friendships, to exchange experiences and contribute to the successful work of the Congress. Participants will also gain credit points and license extension.

Congress Programme Rada2019