Join the ERUS-EAUN Robotic Urology Nursing Meeting, 11-13 November

One or three-day update available as part of ERUS-DRUS21 meeting

The EAUN is working together with the EAU Robotic Urology Section to offer nurses a three-day meeting in Dusseldorf this November. There will be a full-day nurses’ programme on November  11th, with nurses invited to join the rest of the ERUS meeting on 11-13 November.

The meeting will give participants a complete update on robotic urology and how it differs from conventional surgery, with special attention given to the nurses’ roles in the team. We spoke to Ms. Anna Mohammed, Chair of the EAUN Special Interest Group for Endourology and also Chair of the Nurses’ Programme at ERUS-DRUS21 from London (GB).

The programme
“The programme for the 2021 ERUS-EAUN meeting will look at various aspects relating to robotic surgery,” said Ms. Mohammed. “For instance the differences in prostate cancer treatment, nerve-sparing surgery, the controversial topic of lymph node dissection and whether it makes a difference in cancer surgery. We will also be getting an update on team training and ‘lean methodology’ for efficiency within the theatre team and robotic  surgery environment.”

“We will also be examining innovative reconstructive surgery, utilising the robot for more than cancer surgery. Finally, we will have an extensive introduction to the idea of developing a curriculum for training and appraisal for all members of the surgical robotic team. It’s quite a packed programme but hopefully, everyone will gain as much knowledge and insight into new and upcoming ideas and approaches within the robotic field.” This nurses’  programme is part of the larger ERUS-DRUS21 meeting which will be offering (live) surgery to a broader audience of surgeons and other urology specialists. The full programme includes many live and pre-recorded surgery sessions, courses on robotic urology by the European School of Urology and further nursing and patient sessions (in German). Find  out more on

Challenges in the field
Ms. Mohammed also weighed in on some of the challenges for nurses who are starting to get involved in robotic urology teams. “I believe the current challenges in the field are continuous and up-to-date evidence-based training for all members of the theatre team. By developing and investing in education for the theatre team, we would be able to retain staff as there is a high rate of attrition in the theatre environment. By making a scientific
programme of value to all members of the team, we can share best practice and innovative ideas within the robotic field.”

“…an update on team training and ‘lean methodology’ for efficiency within the theatre team and robotic surgery environment.”

“I would say the entire day is a must-attend event for nurses who are getting involved in robotic urology, but I would say that some highlights for me are the talk on radiology by Prof. Barentsz, about interpreting and understanding MRI, and Prof. Canda’s presentation on nerve-sparing, its mechanisms, functional outcomes and grade. Particularly useful for nurses are the presentations on team training and lean methodology and the  development of a curriculum for training and appraisal for all members of the surgical robotic team.”

“These updates will enable all members of the robotic team to gain insight and understand the nuances associated with surgery as well as building efficiency within the team. It will also allow individuals to voice their opinions  and ideas to improve and allow for further development of our field.”

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