Join the free EONS/ESO e-Session on the topic of ‘The Prostate Cancer App’ on 1 October

The European School of Oncology (ESO) in co-operation with Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology and Critical Reviews in Oncology Hematology is holding a series of distance learning programmes on the Internet, called “e-sessions”. 

The Expert delivers a lecture (a slide presentation of 25-30 minutes) and participants have the opportunity to submit text questions (before and during the webcast). Questions are received by the Discussant who puts them forward, together with his/her own, to the Expert for discussion that is held during the webcast session itself (a 15-20-minute question-and-answer slot).

Join the free EONS/ESO e-Session on the topic of ‘The Prostate Cancer App’ on 1 October
In this e-session the ‘Expert’, Mr. Erik Van Muilekom (EONS), gives a presentation about the EONS Prostate Cancer App and the Discussant (also an expert in the area), Paula Allchorne (EAUN Chair Elect) takes questions from those who are viewing the live session and/or poses questions herself.

Join the session on Thursday, 1 October, at 18.15 CEST – 19.00 CEST here

ESO offers oncology e-learning sessions for oncology professionals which are either live or recorded but mainly live. They run a session every Thursday from 18.15 – 19.00 CEST and listeners can link in to listen to the event live (and send in questions in real-time or listen later to the recorded sessions).

More than 7500 participants from 115 countries are registered to and each session (live and recorded) is viewed by an average of 100 participants, depending on the topic.

ESO e-Sessions are without commercial sponsorship and are CME accredited.

The e-Sessions remain available after the live session for further visits and CME accreditation. We are in fact pleased to inform you that, since January 2009, our e-session programme is CME accredited by ACOE and AMA PRA.

The past sessions can be viewed at