Meet the new EAUN Bladder Cancer SIG Group in Copenhagen, March 2018

In order to increase awareness and put ‘a spotlight on’ the specific challenges in the field of treatment and care of bladder cancer patients, the EAUN has decided to move forward and relaunch the  Bladder Cancer SIG group.

The current members are:

  • Chair: Bente Thoft Jensen (DK),
  • Kathryn Chatterton (UK)
  • Heike Püschel (CH)
  • Linda Söderkvist (SE), EAUN board representative


Thematic Session

We are looking forward to meet the members, attendees and allied partners in Copenhagen in March and hope all  with interest and experience in supportive care and development of bladder cancer care will attend the Bladder SIG Session on “Evolution and management of BCG”, Monday, 19 March, 8.30 – 9.30 hrs. in Room 12, Green Area  (Level 1)


Profile of the Bladder Cancer SIG

We are a small, but engaged group, solidly based in the core continuum of bladder cancer care. Two of us are daily based in clinical research (urological nursing) and professional development of urological care whereas the rest are based in the clinic. So far, it is a good combination, but no doubt we will attract more members in the future to cover the full perspective of bladder cancer care and \be able to meet all the challenges coming from  the EAUN members and partners.

Building on the overall EAUN strategy the SIG group will define our short and long-term working goals and hopefully be able include incoming suggestions from the members.


Future Activities

Education: Thematic Session at the EAUN Meeting in Copenhagen, suggestions for future ESUN courses are in the pipeline.

News: You will be able to find recent updates in the specific EAUN section of European Urology Today where we will touch base on different  hot topics in the bladder cancer care continuum, research updates, fellowship experiences, highlights from conferences and from our network around the world.

Cooperation: Every second month we will invite our colleagues from national societies across Europe and other international urological societies and institutions to contribute with their recent work and information of relevant activities for our members.

Guidelines: Bladder SIG will come up with suggestions for future guidelines in our field. We may also buy in with our expertise as well as methodological support to the guideline group.

Patient education / information: Any initiative or experiences from patients and partners, which can add knowledge or improve shared care and patient involvement, are welcome.


See you in Copenhagen!

Bente Thoft Jensen, PhD, Department of Urology, Aarhus University Hospital-Skejby, Aarhus (DK),