Opportunity for European nurses to join the EAUN Meeting for free

Opportunity for European nurses to join the EAUN Meeting for free

In time for Munich 2016, we are truly delighted and proud to announce the launch of the inaugural EAUN Meeting Scholarships Awards in association with Astellas Pharma, partners who recognise the critical role of urology nurses in patient care and understand the importance of developing urological nursing.

As new technology and treatments continue to evolve, education remains essential as urology nurses will play an even more critical role in patient care. Making sure we provide development opportunities for urological nurses to improve their knowledge of and skills in urology through education and training is, therefore, essential.

These awards have been specifically designed to provide financial assistance to urology nurses across Europe to attend the annual EAUN Meeting to help develop both clinical practice and optimise patient care. The annual scholarship awards will support up to 10 nurses based in Europe for them to participate in the EAUN Meeting by providing €500 towards the costs of travel, registration and accommodation. Candidates will be required to be working in urology and be current EAUN members.

Not a member? Don’t lose out of this great opportunity!

For those of you who are currently non-members, you are also eligible to apply for the grant provided you have submitted a paid membership application to the EAUN. For membership details please go here.  Each applicant will be required to submit a 300-500 word statement in English for a blinded panel review, which must clearly specify how you and patient care will benefit from this opportunity All submissions should be filed by 1 November 2015. Successful applicants will be notified of the award by the 4th of December 2015, within the time frame for the early bird registration (1st October – 12th January 2016).

Following the Meeting, each successful candidate will be required to write a review of the experience of attending the conference in English and how their learning will be used in clinical practice. The article will be published in the European Urology Today and email newsletter. Further details on the application process and criteria can be found on the page Annual EAUN Travel grant.

And remember if you’re not an EAUN member, now is the perfect time to join and take advantage of this great opportunity!

By Lawrence Drudge-Coates, Urological Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Chair EAUN, London (UK)

European Urology Today Vol. 27 No. 4 August/September 2015