Ronny Pieters Award

The EAUN presents this prestigious award to recognise and celebrate dedication and innovation in urological nursing research and practice. The award is named after Ronny Pieters to honour his pioneering achievements and contributions to urology nursing and the constitution and development of the European Association of Urology (EAUN). Ronny Pieters (Ghent, BE) was the catalyst and instrumental driving force behind the organisation of the first meeting for European Nurses working in Urology, which was held in Brussels in 2000.

Subsequent to this Ronny, in collaboration with other colleagues across the continent, provided the leadership that ultimately led to the creation of the European Association of Urology Nurses. Over the last two decades Ronny has served as a role model for others to emulate, through his unshakable belief in the importance of the role of the nurse in ensuring high-quality care for people with urological disorders.

Providing both vision and commitment, the example of Ronny’s contribution to Urology Nursing acts as a beacon for others to follow, so that together we may increase our knowledge, influence and impact upon those who need us most – our patients. Ronny demonstrates the best of who we are as urology nurses with his unfailing respect for the patient, his colleagues and the art and science that informs and guides our practice.

The EAUN Ronny Pieters Award is a discretionary award established to recognise a person who, in the estimation of the EAUN Board, has provided an outstanding and enduring contribution to the development of urological nursing in Europe. The award is a vital acknowledgement of the fact that the international urological nursing community is progressive and continues to push the limits of what is known today.

Award Ceremony:

The award was presented for the first time in 2019 to Ronny Pieters himself. This year, the winner will be announced and the award presented to the winner at the Nurses’ Dinner on Friday evening, 5 April 2024. The award winner will also be recognised in the EAUN Award Gallery (in the Resource Centre) and on the EAUN website.

Nominees for this award:

1. Shall be a member of the EAUN

2. Must, in the estimation of the EAUN Board, have provided a consistent and outstanding record of commitment and contribution to the development of urological nursing. This contribution can be within the European continent as a whole, or it can be a recognition of contribution provided in a particular country.

3. Can emanate from all areas of urology nursing practice including, but not limited to, direct patient care, research, practice development, administration or academia.

4. Can be nominated by the EAUN Board or by any member of the EAUN [The final decision on whether and who the recipient is in any given year lies solely with the EAUN Board].

This award is honorary and carries with it no monetary value. The award shall be conferred annually only where there is a suitable candidate for receipt. Nominations shall be received and reviewed by the EAUN Board. The awardee will receive a specially struck commemorative statue and scroll, detailing the reasons for his / her commendation.


A candidate can be nominated by supplying a completed

(Download the form and attach to the e-mail)

The nomination can be underpinned with documents such as:

  • Publications: articles (original, peer reviewed and other articles), book chapters or editor of books
  • Awards received
  • Grants received from (inter-)national institutions or from the industry
  • CV

National societies can also support a nomination by adding a Letter of endorsement to the above documents.

Current EAUN Board Members cannot be nominated.

Nomination Process

To nominate someone, please send an email to with in the subject line: “Nomination Ronny Pieters Award” and don’t forget to attach the Nomination form and underpinning documents (if available).
Click here to send an email
Deadline: 1 November 2023

Previous Winners

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