Special Interest Groups (SIGs)



The purpose of establishing SIG groups is to support networking between members and provide a forum/think tank for nurses with a special interest/knowledge about specific urological issues, in which they can exchange experiences and investigate urological nursing issues related to the topic of their group.

SIGs support the EAUN board with their expertise/special interest about e.g. Prostate cancer, Bladder cancer, Incontinence or Endourology. They advise on guidelines, lectures, speakers, enquiries from members, EAU offices, other societies or companies, write articles in the EAUN newsletter, etc. They build up a network and enhance their own knowledge at the same time.

Special Interest Group Members


From left: Kathryn Chatterton (member), Louisa Fleure (Chair SIG Prostate Cancer), Paula Allchorne (Chair EAUN), Bente Thoft Jensen (Chair SIG Bladder Cancer), Corinne Tillier (Chair Elect EAUN), Marta Marchetti (member), Harold Omana (member), Stefano Terzoni (Chair SIG Continence) – Amsterdam, July 2022




  • A SIG group is formed by nurses (or other health care professionals) with special experiences in one particular part of the urology field.
  • Every SIG group will have a chair who should act as the connector between the group and the responsible person within the EAUN board, with yearly reports highlighting ideas and outcomes from each SIG.
  • The groups will work autonomous and will have the freedom to work on relevant topics.
  • If the number of members exceeds 25 a co-chair should be named.
  • Members can be invited to step into a group at any time. They do not need to be approved by the general assembly (the EAUN members).
  • There is not a specific term for being a member of a group, nor is membership restricted to one group.
  • SIG members can be invited based on the information in our membership database, they can apply themselves or they can be invited by the SIG chair or EAUN board members.
  • As all members are volunteers, there is no obligation to participate in every project the group decides to start.


SIG group activities


  • Video-meetings at least once a year and when preparing activities arranged by the EAUN office
  • Annual International EAUN Meeting: provide a thematic session.
  • Provide articles or contact authors to publish in European Urology Today or nursing journals e.g. on
    • Research updates
    • Educational activities
    • Reports of international presentations for EAUN
    • New bladder cancer network
    • Fellowship possibilities
  • Support the EAUN with potential sponsors
  • Support the ESUN courses
  • Support the Guideline Groups (developing, manpower, other resources)
  • Any other activity the group may want to undertake

These bullet points are only meant to give some ideas on what might be undertaken by the groups. Own ideas and suggestions of the groups are very welcome.