The aims and objectives of the EAUN are:

  • To act as the representative body for European nurses in urology and facilitate the continued development of urological nursing in all its aspects;
  • To foster the highest standards of urological nursing care throughout Europe;
  • To encourage urology research undertaken by nurses and enable the broadcasting of its results;
  • To promote the exchange of experience and good practice between its members;
  • To establish standards for training and practice for European urological nurses;
  • To contribute to the determination of European urological health care policies
  • To liaise and collaborate with other organisations in the field of urology, particularly the European Association of Urology.

EAUN Bylaws and EAUN Long-term Strategy:

The current Bylaws, approved by the members

At the EAUN Annual General Meeting in Barcelona, 18 March 2019, the Full members have approved the changes in the Bylaws:

EAUN Long-term Strategy

The EAUN Board has updated its long-term strategy in Munich, March 2016

Minutes of the EAUN General Assembly

The minutes of the EAUN General Assembly, that takes place at the EAUN International Meeting each year can be downloaded here:
AGM Copenhagen
AGM London
AGM Munich
AGM Madrid
AGM Stockholm
AGM Milan
AGM Paris
AGM Vienna
AGM Barcelona