Learn more about EAU Patient Information

The EAU has developed a dedicated website for Patient Information. Nurses, urologists, and other health care professionals with an interest in urogenital disorders will find EAU Patient Information useful to educate their patients.


Why use this information?

The well-illustrated materials will help you in educating your patients – they are written in plain language and at the same time they comply with the most current evidence base in medicine. Whether you are a nurse, nurse practitioner, urologist, general practitioner, or an expert in an affiliated field, you are welcome to use and recommend the information and printable materials provided on this website.  The information is currently available in 18 different languages, and more languages will be added.

As this project continues to expand, more topics and languages will appear. We work closely with national urological societies, and this means that the information provided on this website is relevant for your country.


In short

  • Relevant topics and expanding
  • Evidence-based
  • Well-illustrated
  • Plain language
  • Translated to 18 languages and expanding
  • Developed in cooperation with nurses and patients
  • Download for free


How to use this information?

You are welcome to use this information to supplement your consultations with patients – on its own or in addition to the information available in your practice.

You can share this information with your patients in three ways:

  • Distribute: In our library you can download all EAU Patient Information leaflets for free. They are print-friendly and you can hand them out to you patients.
  • Recommend: If it is not possible to print out the leaflets, you can recommend this website and the leaflets to your patients. Most of them will be able to access the website themselves and print out the relevant information. You may want to print out our reference flyer – you can give it to the patient to make sure they don’t forget to visit the website.

Link and share: Please post a link on your website or share the link  to spread the word about this project –as many people as possible should benefit.





What is available on the website

The EAU Patient Information website covers a wide range of topics, from a description of the disease, to diagnostic tools, treatment options and follow-up.



1. What is cancer?11.  Key signs and symptoms of urological disease and injury
2. Coping with cancer12. Benign prostatic enlargement
3. Muscle-invasive bladder cancer13. Congenital malformation of the urinary tract
4. Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer14. Cryptorchidism
5. Kidney cancer15. Erectile dysfunction
6. Penis cancer16. Kidney and ureteral stones
7. Primary urethral cancer17. Male hypogonadism
8. Prostate cancer18. Male infertility
9. Testicular cancer19. Neuro-urological disorders
10. Urachal cancer20. Nocturia
21. Overactive bladder syndrome
22. Penile curvature
23. Phimosis
24. Priapism
25. Urinary incontinence
26. Varicocele


Available languages

The language is selected on the home page of the website. The following languages are available:

1. Albanian11. Italian
2. Bulgarian12. Latvian
3. Chinese13. Polish
4. Czech14. Portuguese
5. Croatian15. Slovenian
6. Dutch16. Slovak
7. English17. Spanish
8. Finnish18. Turkish
9. German
10. Greek



EAU Patient Information leaflets are available in various languages, downloadable and free for distribution. You can always rely on the consistency of information in all of its translations and formats – which is extremely important as cross-border health practices continue to intensify year on year.

The following leaflets are available in English on the page of the urologic cancer or disease:


Bladder cancerBenign prostatic enlargement
Kidney cancerCongenital malformation in the urinary tract
Penis cancerCryptorchidism
Primary urethral cancerErectile dysfunction
Prostate cancerKidney and ureteral stones
Testicular cancerMale hypogonadism
Urachal cancerMale infertility
Neurourological disorders
Penile curvature
Urinary incontinence

 The number of leaflets available in other languages differs per country.


Animated videos

Do you want your patient to understand how a stone removal procedure is done?

The EAU Patient Information Media Library offers videos that show medical procedures, e.g.  ureteroscopy (URS) or a percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL).

The videos are easy to follow, allowing your patient to better prepare and feel more confident about the procedure they are about to undergo.


Videos currently available (English):

  • Changing stoma bag, also available in German
  • Cystectomy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Double J-stent placement, also available in German
  • Drug treatment for overactive bladder
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), also available in German
  • Shock-wave lithotripsy (SWL)
  • Transurethral removal of bladder tumour (TURBT), also available in German
  • Urodynamic testing
  • Ureteroscopy (URS) also available in German, Turkish and Chinese


How to support

Translation to your language

Is there a topic that is not available in your language? All translations are made under the auspices of the national societies. Please feel free to contact the national urologists society in your country and request for a translation.


The distribution of Patient Information

Link and share: We will be happy and thankful if you help us spread the word about EAU Patient Information: patients.uroweb.org



If you have any feedback that you like to share with us, please, send it to the following email address: e.robijn@uroweb.org