In these free online educational webinars, leading urology experts, both nursing and medical, address important issues in various urological subspecialties. The topics have been decided by the EAUN Board and the EAUN Special Interest Groups with the input from many members and delegates in the online EAUN Webinar Survey, that was mailed out in September 2020.

Every month, international key opinion leaders explain the latest urological developments in a concise presentation and give ample opportunities to pose questions on a specific topic. Click on the link to register for the webinar of your choice. You will then receive a confirmation of registration and an alert by email. The EAUN is committed to providing educational opportunities for all urology nurses, so both advanced urological, continence and oncological nurses, members and non-members, can enjoy the webinars for free via desktop, tablet or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. All webinars will be recorded and can be reviewed at a later stage. The EAUN webinars will start soon.


ESU/EAUN Webinars

In this webinar the speakers discuss the role of penile prosthesis in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the types of devices and techniques, outcomes, complications, and counseling, training and follow-up of penile implant patients.

      • Presenters: Prof. I. Moncada-Ibarren, Madrid (ES), Prof. M. Albersen, Leuven (BE), Ms. M. Lenaers, Hasselt (BE)
      • The recording takes 56 minutes.
At the end of the webinar participants should be able to:
  • Understand the role of Penile Prosthesis in the treatment of ED.
  • Know the different devices, techniques and the preparation of the OR for the surgery
  • Manage the patient post-op, being able to counsel the patient and partner about the proper use and function of the device.


Webinars organised by other organisations

In addition to webinars organised by the EAUN in cooperation with the ESU and EAU, we will also provide links to webinars organised by other societies on this page, especially if we have contributed to the webinar or it is of particular interest to nurses working in this field.

ESO Prostate Cancer App e-Session

The European Oncology Nursing Society has developed an App for nurses working with prostate cancer patients. The App was primarily designed as a virtual coach for those involved in the delivery of care of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. EONS’ first mobile application aims to assist cancer nurses in assessing and addressing the needs of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer according to the latest evidence-based assessment tools and management interventions. Emphasis is particularly placed on assessing and addressing the needs more frequently reported by patients which have been left unmet during their care. In this e-Session, the content and usefulness of this App is discussed.

The development was a joined effort in which the EAUN was happy to be involved.

      • Presenter: E. Van Muilekom, Amsterdam, NL (EONS)
      • Discussant: Paula Allchorne, London, UK (EAUN)
      • CME accredited
      • The recording takes 41 minutes.
      • The session is subtitled, and slides and transcription are also available.

The ProsCApp

The app is available for download here.