Difficult Case Instructions

Note: Difficult Cases are not restricted to solved cases. Also not solved Difficult Urological Nursing Cases are welcome.

Submission Criteria and Rules

Carefully note the submission rules and criteria, because submissions that do not comply with these rules and criteria will be rejected.

  1. The authors and presenter of this Difficult Case must be registered nurses
  2. The topic selected must be of relevance to urology nursing in difficult cases
  3. The case is illustrated with (numbered) photos of the problem and the solution, preferably 2–5 photos in high resolution (300 dpi at 100%)
  4. The solution described in this Difficult Case is your own solution and a nursing intervention
  5. When invited to present the Difficult case you will present the case using the EAUN Difficult Cases slides
    Titles of the slides:
    1. The problem, 2. Nursing intervention 3. Material used 4. The results
  6. The case is presented in a completed submission form.
  7. A written patient consent is submitted wherein approval is given for the photos and its unrestricted use and the reproduction of the cases for educational purposes.
  8. The copyright of photo and text material are transmitted to the EAUN
  9. A conflict of interest form will be filled out upon request of the EAUN
  10. The Difficult Cases can only be submitted by e-mail.

Submission address
Submission Form, Patient Consent Form and the photo material are submitted by e-mail to EAUN@uroweb.org.

Submission deadline
The submission deadline is: 1 December 2023

Submission forms

The cases will be evaluated by an expert jury. Jury members are:

  • Ronny Pieters, Ghent, Belgium (Urology Nurse)
  • Eva Wallace, Dublin, Ireland (Urology Nurse)
  • Rita Willener, Berne, Switzerland (Urology Nurse)
  • Doris Kisslig, Berne, Switzerland (CNS in Urology)
  • Netty Kinsella, United Kingdom (Urology Nurse Consultant)


  • Submitters that are invited to present will receive 4 standard slides in January 2024 with the following titles:
  • The problem, Nursing intervention, Material used, Results. All presenters are obliged to use these slides in their presentation in order to improve the comparability of the presentations and the cases for the attending participants.
  • The selected presenters will present their case in max. 10 minutes including discussion, in the Special Session “Nursing solutions in difficult cases”.

Free registration for the 24th International EAUN Meeting (EAUN24)
Those who submitted the cases that will be presented (as decided by the jury) will be granted a free registration for EAUN24.

Free EAUN membership
All submitters of Difficult Cases that have been selected and have not become an EAUN member previously will be granted free membership of the European Association of Urology Nurses (EAUN) for one year.

For more information
For more information please contact Ms. Hanneke Lurvink, Manager EAUN.