Poster Instructions Nurses

Important instructions for poster presentations

Please be aware that it’s mandatory that:

  1. The topic of the abstract is relevant to nursing.
  2. The abstract has not been published or presented at an international congress at the time of submission. This rule applies for both European and US abstract submitters.
  3. The submitter prepares a poster of the abstract according to the instructions for posters when the abstract is selected for presentation.

Three prizes will be awarded, a First, Second and Third Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation of respectively €500, €300 and €200. Prize winners have to be present at the award session on Monday to accept their prize. If they are not present, the prize will be awarded to the next best abstract.

The format of a poster session
1.    Poster viewing; presenter should remain near his/her poster (30 minutes)
2.    Introduction by chairmen (4 minutes)
3.    Presentations (6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion per presenter)

A poster session is an interactive discussion. During the poster viewing, at the beginning of the session, groups gather at the various posters and move from one to the next, discussing their findings with the authors. This permits a one-to-one exchange of ideas. After the poster viewing, the poster presenters will give a short (6 minutes) presentation of their abstract using max. 6 slides (including title and Conflict of Interest slide) followed by an interactive discussion (2 minutes).

Date, time and place are listed in the programme book. You will be responsible for mounting your poster on the assigned poster board with the available push pins outside the session room 15 min. prior to the start of the session. An abstract presenter must attend the whole abstract session in which he/she is scheduled. The quality of the meeting is extremely dependent on the calibre of the presenters and their posters.

The EAUN Scientific Committee requests that you declare any relevant links to the industry in relation to your presentation or other conflicts of interests at the beginning of your presentation (in slide 2).

The poster
EAU Poster Builder Service
To ensure that the PDF file is of a high quality you can create your poster (from 10 January until 28 February) through the EAU online Poster Builder Service (price per poster €59 excl. 21% VAT). The PosterSessionOnline company will print your poster. This way you do not need to bring your poster to the congress venue!

IMPORTANT: if you choose not to use the EAU Poster Builder Service the EAU will not print a poster for you. You need to bring your own poster to the congress.

Creating a high quality poster
To make sure your poster is of high quality and meets all requirements please check the more detailed instructions below and the EAUN Poster Building Tools.


  • DO make your poster in a LANDSCAPE (horizontal) format
  • DO indicate at the top of your poster the abstract number, title of the presentation and its authors and institutions. The lettering for this sign should be at least 2.5 cm high
  • DO make all illustrations beforehand. Keep illustrative material simple in using charts, graphs, drawings and pictures. Keep in mind that your illustrations must be read from a distance of about 1 – 1.5 m or more.


  • DO NOT make your poster in a PORTRAIT (vertical) format

PDF of the poster
Your poster will be posted online and hand-outs will be printed for you. For this reason we need to receive a PDF file of your poster between 15 January and 12 February 2018.
Presenters should upload their poster and their slides through the EAU faculty website.

The slides
Poster presenters will give a short presentation of their abstract using max. 6 slides (including title and Conflict of Interest slide).There is no fixed structure for the slides. You are requested to download the EAUN18 slides from the EAU faculty website (“Compulsory PowerPoint Template” in menu on the left).
Presenters should upload their finished slides through the EAU faculty website between 15 January and 13 March 2018. This will enable the chairs to prepare for the session.


Questions may be directed to: or s.debruin(at)