Research Project Plan Instructions Nurses

Eligible participants have to comply with the following rules:

  • Only EAUN Members can submit a research project
  • The project has not started at the time of submission
  • The research and the presentation have to be done by a nurse
  • The topic selected must be of relevance to urologic nursing
  • The project must be presented by one of the authors
  • The results of the prize-winning research project will be published in European Urology Today and on the EAUN website and the winner is invited to submit an abstract for the next International EAUN Meeting.

Additional rules for EAUN Board and Scientific Congress Office (SCO) members:

  • If the Board/SCO member is 1st author, the research plan can be presented, but is excluded from the competition for a prize.
  • If the Board/SCO member is last author, the resarch plan can be presented, but if it wins a prize, the 1st author receives the prize.

Criteria EAUN Research Project Plan

  1. Title
  2. Introduction, summary:
    – Importance of the problem
    – Summary of the proposed research project, closing with your objectives and the rationale.
  3. Objectives
    – Overall goal
    – Specific objectives
  4. Short literature review; summary of the present knowledge
  5. Relevance to urology nursing, justify the importance of the study
  6. Methodology
    – Type of study design and a short justification for choosing this design,  including limitations
    – Study procedures
    – Study population (target population): inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria
    – Outcome measures
    – Statistical analysis
    – Sample size
  7. Feasibility (be realistic!)
    – Timetable
    – Budget: what are you going to use the EAUN budget for, and where will you find more funding (if needed) to complete your project?
  8. Conclusions/Relevance
    You must be able to convince the jury that your project is the most important, and  in what way urologic nursing will benefit from it.
  9. References
    State the most relevant references to underline the importance of your project.
  10. State any possible conflicts of interest.

Consider the following guidelines before you begin your research protocol:

  • Is your research question clear and why does it matter?
  • How will you address this question? (i.e. what methods will you use?)
  • How important is this activity to urologic nursing?
  • Are your research methods appropriate?

Your research project has to be presented as a project plan (see rules and criteria) and hospital names and addresses, cities and country names should not be mentioned except in the submission form or in the first paragraph of the document.

Submission deadline
The submission deadline is: 1 December 2023

Submission form
Research Plan Submission Form

Submission address

The prize for the Best EAUN Nursing Research Project is € 2,500.
The prize winner has to be present at the award session, on Monday, 8 April 2024, to accept their prize. If they are not present, the prize will be accepted on their behalf by a Scientific Committee member.

Submitters that are invited to present will receive 6 standard slides in January 2024 with the following titles: Aims & objectives, Research question, Population, Material & Methods, Expected outcome, Literature search strategy. All presenters are obliged to use these slides in their presentations in order to improve the comparability of the presentations and the research protocols for the audience and jury. The selected presenters will be invited to present their plan in max. 10 minutes including discussion, in the Special Session “Nursing Research Competition”.

For more information please contact Ms. Hanneke Lurvink