Presented Research Project Plans

19th International EAUN Meeting, Copenhagen 2018

  • RP18-01 V. Decalf, Ghent (BE)
    Prevalence, incidence and associated factors of nocturia on the ward
  • RP18-02 C. Marti, Berne (CH)
    The efficacy of the model Sexocorporel as body oriented counselling approach to support the selfmanagement of patients with prostate cancer – A randomized controlled tria
  • RP18-03 L. Bager, Copenhagen (DK)
    Electronic symptom reporting in prostate cancer patients – How and when can nurse intervention improve symptom management?
  • RP18-04 A. Munk Nielsen, Aarhus (DK)
    Shared decision making – developing and implementing tools to shared decision making in bladder cancer patients

18th International EAUN Meeting, London 2017

  • RP17-01 H.A.M. Van Muilekom, Amsterdam (NL)
    Quality of life in penile cancer patients: A survey of patient reported outcomes
  • RP17-02 V. Katsarou, Athens (GR)
    Improving quality of life in patients with neurogenic bladder
  • RP17-03 L.F. Øbro, Vejle (DK)
    DACOACH – Feasibility of self-tracking and data-guided health-coaching via personal, mobile and wearable devices in chronic care management

17th International EAUN Meeting, Munich 2016

No plans submitted

16th International EAUN Meeting, Madrid 2015

RP15-04 H. Syhler, Copenhagen (DK)
Improving male patients coping with urinary incontinence after Prostatectomy

15th International EAUN Meeting, Stockholm 2014

RP14-01 F. Geese, R. Willener, Berne (CH)
Needs and expectations of patients with prostate cancer and their partners – Development of an innovative and comprehensive nurse consulting in Switzerland

RP14-02 B.R. Villumsen, Holstebro (DK)
Xbox 360 Kinect exercise for men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer

14th International EAUN Meeting, Milan 2013

RP13-01 E. Grainger, Århus (DK)
Complications related to a nephrostomy catheter

RP13-02 R.N. Knudsen, Århus (DK)
Do catheter bags with inbuilt irrigation pumps reduce the incidence of acute urinary retention in patients undergoing high dose rate brachytherapy to the prostate?

RP13-03 D. Stokes, Beaumaris (AU)
Do catheter bags with inbuilt irrigation pumps reduce the incidence of acute urinary retention in patients undergoing high dose rate brachytherapy to the prostate?

RP13-04 G. Villa, Milano (IT)
Water and lemon juice for the prevention of catheter encrustation

RP13-05 M. Kloeser, Bad Wildungen (DE)
The relation between the bowel management and the urinary tract infection rate in patients with spinal cord injuries. A study from the perspective of nursing

13th International EAUN Meeting, Paris 2012

RP12-01 H-J. Mulder, Groningen, The Netherlands
Avoiding urinary tract infections in patients practising intermittent catheterization

RP12-02 J.G.L. Cobussen-Boekhorst, E. Van Wijlick, J. Beekman, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Which factors make clean intermittent (self) catheterisation successful?

12th International EAUN Meeting, Vienna 2011

RP11-02 A. Kort, L. Lydom, H. Åskar, Copenhagen, Denmark
Can postoperative nutritional therapy influence the convalescent period for patients who have undergone radical cystectomy?

RP11-03 K. Blöndal, H. Sveinsdóttir, K. Thorbergsdóttir, S. Zoëga, Á. Ingvarsdóttir, Reykjavik, Iceland
Androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer: Spouses’ problems and needs for professional information and support

11th International EAUN Meeting, Barecelona 2010

RP10-01  B. Bonfils-Rasmussen, Herlev (DK)
How to increase patient comfort during treatment with intravesical chemotherapy – a randomized controlled trial

RP10-02  H.A.M. Van Muilekom, Amsterdam (NL)
Quality of life issues after treatment of penile cancer

RP10-03  K. Stenzelius, Lund (SE)
Urinary incontinence among dependent women and men over 85 years in relation to staff attitudes and knowledge

RP10-04  E. Grainger, Århus N (DK), B.T. Jensen, Århus (DK), W.A.K. Sahl, Hinnerup (DK)
Adherence to fast-track programmes within urology nursing care 2008-2010

10th International EAUN Meeting, Stockholm 2009

RP09-01 Breindahl, Lisbeth, Denmark
Association between average 24-hour diuresis and permanent urine catheter blockage and derived financial consequences in the Central Denmark Region

RP09-02 Englund, Charlotte, Denmark
How do we support relatives of patients dying of urological cancer, who wish to die at home?

RP09-03 Hohwü, Lena, Denmark
Retropubic radical prostatectomy versus robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a cost-effectiveness analysis

RP09-04 Smit- Van Den Hof, Daphne, The Netherlands
How to instruct patients on the use of a vacuum device for the management of their erectile dysfunction (ED).

9th International EAUN Meeting, Milan 2008

RP08-01 Willener, Rita, Switzerland
Patients experience of postoperative incontinence and of information given by nursing staff following transurethral resection and holmium laser enuncleation of the prostate.

RP08-02  Vahr, Susanne, Denmark
Telephone consultations as a way to find the information needs of a cystectomised patient that are relevant when coping with the convalescence period.

RP08-03 Zamboni, Giorgia, Italy
Burnout and its correlates among nurses working in Urology: questionnaire survey in an Italian Region

RP08-04  Kiesbye, Berit, Denmark
Training the Patients stoma management preoperatively- does it have any effect on how fast they manage postoperatively- and does it reduce the need for follow-up by homecare nurses?

RP08-05 De Blok, Willem, the Netherlands
Is usage of digital questionnaires in the outpatient clinic feasible?

RP08-06 Arneberg, Hilde, Norway
Children with myelomeningocele (MMC)/spina bifida and bladder emptying using clean intermittent catheterisation.